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Liebherr LTF 1100/2 for rent

Liebherr LTF 1100/2 for rent

The Liebherr 1100/2 crane has a telescopic arm consisting of 6 segments with a total length of 52m. The carrying capacity of the crane is 100 Tons.

To rent this crane, please contact us at +40728 474 513.

    Technical data of Liebherr LTF 1100/2

    TypeTelescopic crane
    Maximum capacity100 T la 2.7 m
    Total weight60 T
    Telescopic arm11.5 - 52 m
    Range of action of the arm82° in 40 seconds
    Folding arm10.8/19 m compensable at angle 0/20/40°
    Maximum rotation speed2 rpm
    Maximum line speed130m/min
    Arm sections6
    Arm extension11.5-52 m in 360 seconds
    Max draw line88 kN
    Total length13630 mm
    Carrier length11500 mm
    Outer turning radius10050 mm
    Arm head turning radius10700 mm
    Stabilizer base7223.5 x 7000 mm
    Wagging tail3840 mm
    Width2750 mm
    Inner turning radius5200 mm
    Reduced stabilizer base7223.5 x 5000 mm
    Machine / chassis data
    Carrier engineLH D 9408 TI-E
    Power400 kW / 544 PS
    TransmissionZF AS-TRONIC
    Max speed75 km/h
    Tires14.00 R25
    Maximum counterweight35 t
    Power/Weight Ratio6.67 kW/t
    Maximum torque2500 Nm at 1100 rpm
    Speeds16+2 (Forward + reverse)
    Maximum grade of climb60%

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